E.crew’s Big Ideas for 2016 and Beyond

A new group of Beacon’s shining stars comes together every year to undertake yearlong projects that aim to improve something within the health system. Known as e.crew, the 2016 group of 22 associates were selected because of how they exemplify Beacon values, their outstanding work ethic and exceptional customer/patient service. Earlier this year, they were divided into three groups and were tasked with addressing three areas: transparency, engagement and associate support.

Great job to all three teams for their awesome efforts in making Beacon an even better place to work!

Check out this fun e.crew video: https://my.visme.co/projects/8ryq1vmk-e-crew-engagement


Transparency – An Eye on Pay
End goal:
Become more transparent around Pay Philosophy, Pay Strategy, Pay Practices, Pay Ranges and Position Descriptions.
Jewel Copenhaver, Champion
Becky Ragsdale
Randy Badillo
Dan Boveri
Ellise Moore
Anna Parrow
Eliana Ramos
Kathie Dhuivetter
Joy McCallister



Feedback & Engagement – Building Engagement
End goal:
Compile resources and tools for managers to support associates’ engagement and to give associates helpful and positive recognition and feedback.
Kimberlie Warren, Inno Guide
Jinny Longbrake, Champion
Sarah Samson
Melissa Bragg
Sara Bell                               
Alyssa Yoder
Amanda Onax                                
Dawn Simpson



Associate Support – Spread the Joy
End goal:
Create a social contagion of happiness within our organization that will bolster our mission of creating a culture of happy, healthy, awesome.
Barbara Walsh, Inno Guide
Judy Finkler, Champion
J’Andra Antisdel                    
Carrie Cimildoro-Beem
Kandace Habenicht                         
Heidi Cammett
Shona Mikula                                 
Scott Saddison
Elizabeth Phend                              
Trisha Fiene