EGH associate translates for bus crash patients

Jie Sproull could not have predicted that her fluency in Mandarin would come in quite so handy this summer at Elkhart General Hospital.

Sproull stood out as a shining star the night of June 22 when she sprung into action after an accident involving a bus on the Indiana Toll Road, says Maria Behr, Director of Pharmacy, who nominated Sproull for Associate of the Month.

“We had 17 patients who were tourists from China come through our Emergency Department after their bus was in an accident with a semi,” explained Behr, who led the Incident Command team that day. “The 17 patients mostly spoke Mandarin and only had one translator. Jie came to the rescue.”

Sproull showed an incredible amount of compassion to the patients who were afraid and having a hard time communicating.

She also earned their trust. “When they realized that Jie spoke their language, you could see the sense of relief on their faces,” Behr said.

Throughout the evening, Sproull helped the patients and Elkhart General health care team communicate with one another.

“Jie was such a blessing for EGH that evening.”

Indeed. Thank you, Jie!

Here are the four other amazing Beacon associates who were recognized as Associates of the Month in September.

Douglas Blish
Beacon Health System

“Doug goes above and beyond when providing services to our office, Advanced Cardiovascular Specialists RiverPointe. He is 100 percent reliable and dedicated to making our antique phone system as functional as possible. He is prompt and responds quickly to any issues we have with our phone system. We all appreciate everything he does for our office and brings his humor and friendly demeanor every time.” — Cindy Bellina


Rosa Ontiveros
Beacon Medical Group

“Rosa is a huge patient advocate. She always goes above and beyond to coordinate car for patients. She has taken on many responsibilities and has an awesome attitude and positive behavior. She makes sacrifices and works harder in order to make things easier for others. She has been with Beacon for almost 20 years and her dedication and loyalty is a huge asset to our team and Beacon as a whole.” — Kerri Hessey

Mary Minier
Beacon Health Ventures

“Mary is very dedicated to her patients and making sure they get the best possible care for their individual situation. Recently, Mary had a patient who needed transition to Hospice. Mary’s support to the patient and family in the transition did not go unnoticed. Heart to Heart Hospice was so impressed by Mary’s care and concern during the transition that a representative of that agency called to praise Mary’s care. Heart to Heart then came to Home Care’s office with a Certificate of Appreciation for Mary. Mary cares for all her patients with concern. She is a wonderful co-worker with a pleasant personality. Mary goes out of her way to assist patients, too. She recently had an elderly patient who lived alone who Mary took the time after working with patients to assist and teach the patient how to give the pet cat his medicine, too. Mary is just a joy to have as a co-worker and nurse.”– Catherine Reedy

Teri Miller
Memorial Hospital

“Teri is always putting her patients first. She will think outside the box and do what she can to provide the best care of her patients, even if that means making several calls to the doctors, working with the charge nurse, or making calls to other facilities at the hospital. She is also a team player looking out for her other staff members and if time permits, will offer education to her co-workers, especially if she knows they are nursing school. She insists on taking them into patient rooms and educating the staff member and the patient. She has taken on the role as a preceptor for the Float Team, which is a new endeavor for this team. She is on the UPC and loves to come up with creative ideas to improve the team. She has participated in team building activities for the float team with organizing a bowling night and helping with this summer’s ‘Sunset Celebration’ for the Float Group, Summit Center, Transporters, Staffing Clerks, ADT and VAT team. She has the best personality and will always have a smile on her face. This nomination is long overdue for Teri.”
— Patricia Witz