Benefits Contact Information

General Benefits: Annette Vota 574.647.6508

Certification and Tuition Reimbursement: Jane Conwell 574.647.7456

FMLA, Family, Medical, Educational, Personal Leaves of AbsenceAshley Vargo (Memorial, BMG in St. Joseph County) 574.389.5597 and Erin Odiorne (EGH, Home Care, BHS, BMG in Elkhart County) 574.523.3395

MY TIME/Vacation & Sick Benefits: Sara Bell 574-647-6977

General Deductions: Stacey Chrzan 574.647.2194

Short & Long Term Disability Insurance: Ashley Vargo (Beacon) 574.389.5597 and Erin Odiorne (EGH) 574.523.3395

Pension & Retirement: Katie Smith 574.647.6049

Rewards for Savings - 403(b)/401(k)/Match: Katie Backus 574.647.6049

Wellness Programs: Dawn Gillispie 574.647.6509

Health, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, Flex Spending: Katie Backus 574.647.6049

Scholarships: Jane Conwell 574.647.7456

Employee Counseling/Crisis Intervention: Judy Finkler 574.647.7439

Employee Assistance: 800.932.0034 (ACI Specialty Benefits)

IDP Assessments, Hartman, EQI, Belbin, LQI, Debriefing, Win/Win Agreements, Training Programs, QWL initiatives, Focused Interventions, Tactical Planning, Mentorship: Kimberlie Warren 574.647.4180 Jewel Abram-Copenhaver

You contact us via email at