March associates stepping up, standing out

Diana Marmolejos recently called an elderly patient to explain the three new medications Rachel Knafel, NP, had prescribed for her at the Beacon Medical Group Goshen office.

And what happened during that phone call, and after that phone call, led to Diana being recognized as an Associate of the Month.

“I walked up to the nurse’s station to hear her on the phone for at least 20 minutes, going over each and every medication multiple times for (an elderly) woman who lived alone,” Rachel said. “She spelled the meds several times and then discussed slowly and distinctly how to take them and why they were required.”

When Diana realized the patient was having a difficult time digesting the information, she asked the patient a question.

“What time do you wake up in the morning?” 

She offered to call and remind the patient to take her medication and review the schedule with her again.

“Diana completely went above and beyond what most people would do,” Rachel said. “Instead of feeling frustrated by an extremely long phone call that likely put her behind in her other work, she looked at it as an opportunity to help this older woman.”

The elderly patient was so grateful for Diana, that when she came back to the office, she asked Rachel to find Diana, so that she could put a face with her name and hug her and thank her.

The patient now asks about Diana every time she comes to the office.

“Diana consistently goes above and beyond for our patients,” Rachel said. “She looks for ways to improve office processes. She takes work home to organize and make the throughput faster in the office. She has reorganized our nursing resources and taught the rest of the staff how to use the new system properly.”

Congratulations to Diana — and all our March Associates of the Month, for all you do for Beacon.

Chris Heck
Elkhart General Hospital
“I contacted Chris to see if he could point me in the right direction to find our active shooter protocols for a paper I had to write for school. He went above and beyond, not only getting me all the information I had asked for, but also staying over and going through everything that has been implemented. He answered all the questions I had and was very patient and thorough. What an awesome guy to have on our team!” — Ambyr Costner

Kara Werner-Sanders 
Memorial Hospital

“Kara has been extremely helpful during my on-boarding process. She has taken time out of her busy schedule to assist me in getting up to speed on everything Beacon. By taking the time to help me with policies and procedures along with administrative tasks, Kara has not only provided me with exceptional service, but has also allowed me to provide patients with the exceptional service they deserve. Kara has demonstrated how teamwork should work and how helping a colleague can empower them to perform at the highest level.” — Scott Flanagan

Aubrey Lint
Beacon Corporate
“Aubrey demonstrates compassion on a regular basis, whether it is through simply offering a listening ear, coordinating a gift purchase for someone who experienced a loss, to creating meal sign-up sheets for a co-worker who has just experienced a very significant life event. Aubrey has integrity in her numbers, and she regularly follows through when questions exist. She can be counted on to do the job and do the job right. She is a blessing to work with.”
Sally Brubaker


Katie Piotrowicz
Beacon Health Ventures
“Katie always goes above and beyond in everything she does for our clients, employees, department, and Beacon Health Ventures.” — Shawn Johnson