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Neurological Rehabilitation

Neurological rehabilitation provides therapy for people with disabilities related to neurological disease or injury, including physical, cognitive, or communication disorders.  Our multi-disciplinary team of physical, occupational, and speech therapists assist patients in working towards their goals for living more independently, resuming leisure and community activities, school, or work.  Diagnoses include stroke, brain injury, concussion, spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and post amputation.

Our Services

Amputee Clinic

Multidisciplinary clinic for amputees that includes prosthetic fitting  and adjustment that includes a physician, therapist and local prosthetists.

Certified driver rehabilitation

This program is for people whose driving abilities have been affected by a neurological condition or normal aging. Beacon offers driving safety assessments using a virtual driving simulator, as well as a blend of therapies to help patients recover their abilities and legally return to driving.

Cognitive Therapy

Provided by our speech therapists for those individuals who have difficulty concentrating, feel a mental fogginess, experience difficulty with memory or attention, or feel that the speed in which they process information isn’t the same as it was pre-injury or illness.

Day treatment program

Day treatment serves patients who are recovering from traumatic brain injury, stroke or other neurological disorders. The program is designed to treat patients who still need intensive rehabilitation following their discharge from the hospital, but are able to return to their homes each night.

LSVT Big and Loud

LSVT is a scientifically researched program performed by certified therapist that improves voice, speech, and physical mobility for patients with Parkinson’s disease.

Lymphedema therapy

This therapy helps relieve chronic swelling in the body caused by fluid build-up, a condition called lymphedema. Therapists help decrease pain and swelling, treat wounds and prevent infection, and teach home-care techniques.

NeuroCom assessment

State of the art balance assessment using computerized testing to determine the cause of imbalance.

Stroke Support Group

A monthly meeting for stroke survivors and their families that offers emotional support and networking opportunities.


For those experiencing dizziness and balance problems, the specialized therapists will evaluate a patient’s symptoms and develop a plan of care to decrease risk for falls, improve balance, and decrease dizziness and vertigo.

Vision therapy

This therapy is for people whose vision problems are caused by a brain injury, advanced age, stroke or other neurological condition. Their problems cannot be corrected with glasses or contact lenses alone. During vision therapy sessions, occupational therapists use tools and exercises that improve the brain’s ability to control eye alignment, eye movements, focusing abilities and “binocular vision” (both eyes working together to produce a single image).

Our occupational therapists also are integral to the following Beacon rehabilitation programs, designed for patients who require multiple kinds of therapy at one time.

Wheel chair clinic

Multidisciplinary clinic for wheelchair fitting and assessment that includes a physician, therapist and product representative.