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Roundabout Roundup @ Memorial Hospital – Friday, April 22

South Bend’s Smart Streets project is a citywide effort to redesign streets to make them safer for all users, including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and transit riders.

Please note these updates for the Memorial Hospital area campus for April 25 through May 17: (Click here for a campus map.)

  • Be mindful of paving work in front of the Bartlett Street Garage from about April 25–29.
  • Bartlett Street on the east side of Michigan will be closed to St. Joseph Street (in front of Beacon Medical Group E. Blair Warner).
  • Through May 17, at the Michigan and Bartlett intersection,
    Michigan Street traffic will remain on a green light until pedestrians press the walk button; the signal will then turn red for pedestrians to cross Michigan.

Also, the entrance to Bartlett Street (on the west side of Michigan Street) will remain closed for the duration of the construction period (early September). The parking garage will remain open and accessible coming from the west end of Bartlett.

Stay up-to-date on your daily commute!

  • The City’s Smart Streets website

Looking Ahead – Mid-May through September 9

  • Michigan Street will close between Park Lane and Marion Street.
  • Detour to Memorial from east or south: LaSalle to Lafayette
  • Detour to Memorial from the north: Either Riverside to Lafayette or Park Lane to Main Street
  • Bartlett Street Garage will only be accessible coming from the west on Bartlett.
  • 100 Navarre Place Garage will be accessible from Navarre Street during construction.
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