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Hey Doc, You Rock! Dr. Amber Burger

Dr. Burger is admired across Elkhart General Hospital for her commitment to providing exceptional and compassionate care to her patients.

 As a palliative care physician at Beacon Medical Group Specialties Mishawaka, Dr. Burger always takes the time to listen to patients: “She has a huge heart when it comes to her patients. She strives to make sure they receive the best care and that they have a great quality of life.”

Treating each patient as an individual, Dr. Burger strives to provide holistic care, attending to not only medical needs, but also social, economic and family needs, too. She goes above and beyond to manage patients’ symptoms, making sure they have the best resources and acting as an advocate for their wishes.

“From pain control to education to supporting the goals of the patient — Dr. Burger will do whatever it takes to get it done. She treats everyone as if they were her own family.”

“There is never a day she doesn’t put her patients first,” adds another team member. In fact, Dr. Burger gives her cell phone number to patients so she can be available to help or answer any questions, telling them, “I am here for you.”

Team members appreciate Dr. Burger’s kindness, helpfulness and how she cares for each one of them and values their hard work: “We are very lucky to have such a compassionate provider.”

Congratulations, Dr. Burger, for being a Rockin’ Doc!