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Expressing gratitude for one another

Who or what you are thankful for?
Practicing gratitude, as you know, boosts our happiness. So we want to offer you a chance to say thanks to someone, or to express your gratitude for what you value in your life.

Email your note to and we will include your perspective below.


“Health, Happiness and Love! And that is my wish for others as well. We have to remember to recharge ourselves so we can continue to give to others. The work of our organization is to take care of others. And I say that if YOU are based in Health and Happiness first, then you can certainly take great care of others. And in taking care of others, you are showing your capacity to Love.”
— Kreg Gruber, Administration, Beacon Health System

“I’m thankful for the CDI team I work with, Kari Parnell & Scott LenigOur goal is to show or find  diagnosis’ that reflect the appropriate acuity of our pts. We want to show that our MD’s are great at what they do –providing awesome patient care & as part of this team we help uncover the maze of coding. Also I am thankful for  great bosses Jennifer Downy & Marianne Shaffer, who offer guidance when we need it, respect us & appreciate all we do.”
— Lois McDonald, RN, BSN, CDI, Corporate Services

“I am thankful for the opportunity I have every day to work with a great team! We go out into the schools and deliver vital information to help students as they grow and face this crazy world we live in. Anything from sexual education and puberty talks, depression education, suicide prevention, how to stay safe online, and information on the opioid epidemic. The world these children and teens are living in has changes so much over the last few years and the information we provide is vital in their lives. All the information is also processes with data analysis to help make sure we are really doing what needs to be done. It takes a strong person with a big heart to do what we do every day, but I cannot thank them enough for being strong enough to support one another as we all continue to support our students!”
— Natalie Tavernier, School Team, Beacon Community Health

“I am really thankful for the wonderful team I work with and for all their support and care in the good times and the difficult times. I appreciate that when any of us is in a pickle, someone is always willing to step in and help. It makes a difference.”
— Alma Bravo, Admissions, Memorial Epworth

“Waking up in a new house with people I love. Dogs acting like lunatics and cats owning us. My son, who is adopting his wife’s children. My daughter, who is working, going to school, and raising the most perfect, kind-hearted, and loving 18-month-old son. My youngest daughter who believes in everyone’s rights — the right to be their true self, regardless of gender, race, religion, etc. I’m also thankful for my partner-in-crime, who has taught me about the little things, like hiking in the woods, finding little treasures (like geodes in the woods), and the true meaning of bushcraft. The last thing I’m thankful for, is my Grandparents. They were married for 60+ years before my Grandpa had a stroke and passed away. They taught me about patience, understanding, and how to stay in love regardless of the situation. Without them, I wouldn’t be here, and neither would my kids. And for all of these things, I am extremely thankful.”
— Jodi Luchowski, 12 South, Memorial Hospital

“I am so thankful for the opportunity that Beacon has given me to take the MA training.  I am thankful for Laura Kreger who has been an encouragement and coordinator of this program and for Laurie Hund-Schieber who is a fantastic teacher and trainer.   I am thankful for Angie Hobbs, manager of Centralized Scheduling and Andrea Vernier, Supervisor of Centralized Scheduling, who have worked with me and encouraged me to go with this program.  I never thought I would have an opportunity such as what Beacon has given me.  Thank you so much!”
–Pam Jacobs, CS Scheduling

“I am thankful for the people I work with.  Specifically, Robin Schalliol and Samantha King. It’s a pleasure coming in to work each day with these ladies! I’m also thankful that I work for such a loved and respected doctor, Dr. Halloran.”
–Teri Verba, Beacon Medical Group, Cardiothoracic Surgery

“The health and happiness of my family.”
— Mary Beth Deitch, Beacon Health Foundation

“As I review accounts of patients and see how many people suffer with such terrible illnesses, I am truly thankful for my health. It is something we take for granted.”
–Charlene Lechlitner, Beacon Medical Group, Finance

“I am thankful for my boss Crystal Cunningham. She makes our work place so enjoyable to come to work everyday. She is kind, caring and works with all of us so well.  She is willing to help out where ever is needed in the office and makes sure that is we need a day off that it is covered.  Here at Beacon Medical Group Goshen we couldn’t ask for a better office supervisor.”
–Tamara House, Beacon Medical Group Goshen

“I am thankful for the amazing staff that I work with. They are extremely caring, giving, kind and are awesome at their jobs. Wouldn’t work anywhere else!”
— Levi Engle, RVT, RDMS, Vascular Lab, Ultrasound Technologist, Memorial Hospital

“I am thankful for all that is good. And, there is plenty of it!!”
— Dina Gasaway, BMG LaPorte

“I am thankful for my coding position here at Beacon. There are many people who are not as fortunate to have a job at all, and I get to work with some of the most incredible people I have ever met.”
— H. Marie De la Cruz, BMG Central Coding

“I am thankful for many things. A God who loves me, and wonderful family. I also am grateful for my work family here at Beacon, from my bosses to my co-workers. This has been a very challenging year for me so far health-wise, and it’s great to know you have that understanding and support. My husband is my biggest support of all.”
— Peggy Petty, Centralized Scheduling

Beacon Language Services for always putting the Limited English Proficient patients in the center of their duties and happy to be of service to the entire Beacon Health System!”
— Leonora Oates de Battani, BHS Language Services manager