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Beacon provider reflects on the events of September 11 on 20th anniversary

In his own words: Rodrigo Correa is the Director of Rehabilitation Inpatient Services, Inpatient Therapy Services, Sterile Processing and Speech Diagnostics at Memorial Hospital. He describes his experiences on September 11, 2001, and how it has affected his life and his career.

My heart, thoughts, and prayers go out to those whose lives have been touched in any way by the attack on 9-11.

This day in 2001, I was ready to go to midtown Manhattan via the Long Island Railroad to start my first year of college. My trip never started because of the tragedy that we now call 9-11 occurred.

My father was working across the Hudson and saw the event unfold. Some of my classmates were coming through the subway station that was under the Twin Towers, and a few friends were first responders to the event.

Rodrigo Correa

To this day, I encounter the effects of the attack. Prior to the attack, my world view was ambitious and naive and all about me; achieving the “American Dream”, and becoming a “successful” businessman within a Fortune 500 company.

The 9-11 attack changed my world view. It made me ask how could someone do this and forced me to look within myself and ask what am I doing to ensure I influence people to be motivated to do good for ALL people. So I left New York and came to the Midwest where I became a Physical Therapist and strived to encourage and empower people to improve their quality of life while building relationships with those around them.

I recommit today that I will continue to look within myself and test my motives and see if there is any offensive way, bias, bigotry or hatred. If any are found, I will strive to be honest and open to quickly address them. By doing so, I can ensure that I do my part to support ALL others in enhancing quality of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for ALL.

This is my hope for all of us.


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