Ways we can cultivate gratitude every day

November is the month of gratitude. It has to be practiced. Gratitude does not just ooze out or erupt spontaneously.

Gratitude practices I recommend:

  • Gratitude journal – each day list 3 things I’m grateful for at home and 3 things I’m grateful for at work
  • Gratitude mantra – each day upon waking, wherever you walk to first, say “thank you” out loud with each footstep
  • Gratitude notes – identify people for whom you are especially grateful and send them notes expressing why you are grateful for them
  • Gratitude walk – take a 20 minute walk and reflect on relationships, experiences, sights and sounds, neighbors, peers, colleagues while affirming your gratitude for them
  • Gratitude prayer – express to God things for which you feel grateful.

In this month of gratitude, take time to give thanks with a grateful heart.

It will connect you to your soul.

Even when experiencing stress, gratitude has a way of shifting our perspective.

When trying new gratitude practices, consider how the practice of gratitude has impacted you.

I predict practicing gratitude will give you one MORE thing for which to be grateful!