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Know Beacon Better: Elkhart General lab

Back row, left to right: Gonzalo Campana-Paez, Jennifer Evans, Jessica Boston Front row, left to right: Asya Trytko, Janice Ryan, Krizza Mae Jimenez

The Elkhart General Hospital lab team recently completed its transition from being The Medical Foundation employees working at the hospital to becoming a true part of the Beacon Health System family.

“The people in the lab that you’ve been working with for years are now Elkhart General associates and not contract staff,” says Michelle BonDurant, lab manager.

“Even though many of these new associates have worked at the Elkhart General Hospital lab for years, they now feel like a true part of Beacon,” she said. “And they will continue to offer excellent customer service.”

These associates will start wearing their Beacon blue in the coming months. Please welcome them to our health system! 

Here is a list of the Elkhart General Hospital lab staff:

Michelle BonDurant, manager

Jeffery Stern-Gilbert                                                     Tykala Johnson
Asya Trytko                                                                    Betsy Branham
Katlin Rock                                                                    Lindsey Penninger
Taylor Chadwick                                                           Bayadir Altameemi
Jessica Boston                                                               Jean Clark
Ola Dooley                                                                     Jennifer Evans
Rhonda Freeman                                                          Laura Fritz
Courtney Gilson                                                            Melinda Jones
Stephen Hooley                                                            Teresa Grubb-Faunce
Tracey Hyde                                                                  Teresa McIntyre
Katrina Johnson                                                           Mitulbhai Patel
Markiesha McKinney                                                   Alice Rockhill
Janice Ryan                                                                   Gay Walasinski
Kayleigh Sheets                                                             Melissa Tapp
Laura Slocum                                                                Martha Wright
Sherri Smith                                                                  Carrie Buss
Karen Trotter                                                                Bonnie Morgan
Dustina Vawter                                                             Traci Sergeant
Isela Zepeda                                                                  Rachael Kuczmanski
Courtney Turley                                                            Elizabeth Raye
Leah Tuttle                                                                    Chantel Shores
Thalia Vasquez                                                              Krizza Jimenez
Samara Ricks                                                                Michael Goepfrich
Lori Vogel                                                                      Joe Biggers
Gonzalo Campana-Paez


Left to right: Tracey Hyde, Chantel Shores, Taylor Chadwick, Carrie Buss, Thalia Vasquez

Back row, left to right: Laura Fritz, Joe Biggers, Steve Hooley, Melissa Tapp Front row, left to right: Lindy Jones, Bonnie Morgan, Dustina Vawter, Lindsey Penninger

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