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Rockin’ Dr. Janel Charlton shines as a teacher and patient advocate

Congratulations to Dr. Janel Charlton of the Memorial Family Medicine Residency program for being a Doc Who Rocks!

A Rockin’ Doc brings his or her best to Beacon Health System each day. Associates and colleagues nominated Dr. Charlton for this distinction because she makes authentic and trustworthy personal connections to create moments that matter for patients, families and staff members. Here are some of the reasons why her Beacon team members think she rocks:

  • Dr. Charlton is a truly well-rounded and gifted physician, but she is a phenomenal teacher as well. She always explains things in a very easy-to-understand way and never makes you feel diminutive. She has walked me through multiple procedures in the clinic setting, and I always walk away more educated and also more appreciative of her as a physician and teacher!
  • She makes me feel very comfortable discussing my patients’ care and reviewing my concerns. I was apologizing for asking my 100th question of the week when Dr. Charlton assured me that not only was it part of her job to answer any questions, it was also one of her favorite parts.
  • Dr. Charlton stayed on her day off to take care of a newborn baby in need. She was a true advocate for this baby and went above and beyond to care for him. This is just one example – she provides this level of care time and again for her patients, the residents and her fellow faculty.
  • I’ll never forget texting Dr. Charlton at 6 a.m. on a morning when she was not on call about a patient of mine that I was concerned about. Within minutes, she returned my message with, “Of course I can talk.” She then walked me through one of the most difficult encounters I’ve had with a patient, not only that morning, but in the following days as well. Her desire to be of help in any way she can, her commitment to education, and her unwavering humility set her apart as a clinician. She is a gift to all who work with, learn from, and are cared for by her.

Thank you, Dr. Charlton, for being an amazing Rockin’ Doc!

About Laura Bailey

Laura is a communications specialist at Beacon Health System. She enjoys sharing stories with the community about the talented team members at Beacon and winning against the computer in Scrabble.