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Plea to community to remain vigilant as COVID hospitalizations rise

Dr. Sam El-Dalati, Beacon Chief Clinical Officer

The number of COVID-positive inpatients at our hospitals has quadrupled during the past month, so this is not the time to let our guard down, says Dr. Sam El-Dalati, Beacon Health System Chief Clinical Officer.

In today’s Medical Minute, Dr. El-Dalati asks that community members get vaccinated, because the COVID vaccines are our best defense against the virus.

Here is the transcript of his message:

“I’m reaching out to you today because I am deeply worried and concerned. As you may have already seen, the head of the CDC also made an appeal to the nation because she was concerned about the current surge that we are facing. Unfortunately, we are facing that same surge here locally.

“In the last month, we have seen our inpatient hospitalizations for COVID-related illness quadruple. We were in the low teens, we’re approaching 70 inpatients now. This is an incredibly worrisome increase in numbers and I continue to be concerned that those numbers have not peaked yet. I am making this message to you to urge you to all continue to be vigilant and careful. We are not ready to relax completely yet.

“First of all, please go and get vaccinated. Vaccination is open now to almost all age groups, so I would urge you all to get vaccinated. It is the best form of protection against this disease. Please stay away from crowds, socially distance and continue to wear your masks. This is not over yet and we will continue to pay a human toll if we are not careful until the vaccination rates reach the level that we want them to reach.

“I’m grateful for everything you did in the previous surge because it made a huge difference, and I appeal to you to do the same this time because we are facing a fourth surge. Thank you so much and please stay safe.”

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