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Today’s teams face a multitude of challenges as they adapt to a fast and changing world. With all of life and work demands, balancing your own wellbeing can get lost in the hustle and bustle. Our Quarter 4 curriculum will sum up the year with classes that will invigorate you and your teams, care for your wellbeing, and add to your managerial skills as you prepare for 2019. Our main focus is to help you find harmony between you and all you do.

Throughout Q4 you’ll have the opportunity to discover your strengths and your unique value. You will be introduced to techniques that will increase and sustain your ability to navigate stressors and build your resiliency. You will learn how to adopt a win-win mentality and use abundance thinking to solve problems and see opportunities. As you care for and celebrate yourself, your capacity to give to your team will grow.

Whether you’re just beginning your career, or you’re an experienced leader, you’ll leave our courses with practical takeaways to directly apply in your day to day life. We look forward to learning and growing with you!

Click here to review the 2018 Fourth Quarter Curriculum.

Making Beacon a Career Destination and a Great Workplace

Beacon Academy developed out of our vision to make Beacon Health System a Career Destination and to serve our 7,000+ associates across the region. Our development curriculum helps to ensure that we have the Right Talent with the Right Skills ready at the Right Time. In addition, our curriculum expands beyond leadership development and into culture development to support our Great Workplace initiatives. We are proud to be recognized as one of the most progressive development-focused organizations in the region.

Experience the Innovation Difference with Customized Curriculum

All of our course participants benefit from our infusion of Innovation into everything we do at Beacon. The ability to generate and implement new ideas and processes differentiates organizations that are leaders in their respective industries, thus, we have integrated Innovation methods into many of our courses. Do you have a performance improvement need that could benefit from new ideas? Contact us to determine how we can be a resource for you.

Beacon Academy Online! Learning At Your Convenience

We understand that balancing the needs of one’s job can sometimes make attendance at classroom-based training difficult. Beacon Academy Online provides self-directed, on-demand, online learning modules. The courses align to the HealthcareSource Staff and Leadership Assessment competencies and are a perfect complement and “next step” in aligning assessment results with targeted competency development. These online courses provide the opportunity for you to focus on targeted development activities at your own convenience.

School at Work Program

This 6-month program, funded by the Kelly Brown Scholarship, is offered to Memorial Associates to sharpen their skills and explore new positions within the organization. This program is excellent for associates who have been out of school for sometime and who are looking to go back or just to freshen up on their skills.

Team Development? We’ll Come to You!

If you’d like to offer a specific curriculum to a group or team within Beacon, we can provide facilitation of any Beacon Academy or customized curriculum. If you’d like information on how we can tailor curriculum specific to your needs, or would like to explore the possibility of facilitation on-site at your organization, please contact one of our internal consultants.

Learn. Grow. Succeed!

Take time to review our course information. Consider pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone to help you grow as a leader, improve your communication skills or enhance your project management abilities. Discuss development opportunities with your supervisor or manager. Which courses align with goals, objectives or strategies for which you are directly responsible?

Take the next step in building your career — sign up for Beacon Academy. We’ll take care of the rest.

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Please note: Course listings are updated on a quarterly basis & may be cancelled due to low participation.