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Dr. Bolden, a Rockin’ Doc at Memorial

Team members on 9 South, the Intermediate Care Unit at Memorial Hospital, have high standards for themselves and for the physicians who care for the unit’s patients. It’s no surprise, then, that they believe that Dr. Marques Bolden, a Beacon Medical Group Hospitalist, is a Rockin’ Doc.01-20170127_123539

When it comes to helping patients and their families, Dr. Bolden is always kind, caring, thorough and fully present.

“By taking time to talk to his patients, Dr. Bolden shows an extreme sense of compassion,” explains one staff member. “He answers all of their questions and eases their minds about their medical care.”

Even seemingly small gestures, like offering to clip a patient’s nails, attest to Dr. Bolden’s thoughtfulness.

Admired for his honest and supportive nature, Dr. Bolden is also known for having a great sense of humor, even during stressful situations.

“His sense of humor is balanced with his professionalism, which makes him such a great doctor to work with,” says a staff member.

Dr. Bolden also takes the time to listen to staff members and talk with them about his patients.

“He listens to what the nurses have to say,” says one team member. “I feel like I am heard and understood.” His collaborative and inclusive personality helps ensure a team approach to providing exceptional patient care.

For all of these reasons, Dr. Bolden has earned a prominent place in the hearts of all: “His patients love him — so does the staff.”

About Laura Bailey

Laura is a communications specialist at Beacon Health System. She enjoys sharing stories with the community about the talented team members at Beacon and winning against the computer in Scrabble.