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VeinGogh - Cosmetic Spider Vein Treatment

The VeinGogh Ohmic Thermolysis System generates a tiny, regulated, high frequency current delivered to the vessel via a hair-thin probe. A microburst of energy heats the vein, coagulating the blood and collapsing the vessel wall which is absorbed into the body. It works best on the very small reddish veins that are difficult to inject. VeinGogh clears spider veins, leaving your legs picture perfect.

How long is a typical spider vein treatment?

Depending mainly upon the size of the area, treatments can range from about a minute for minor lesions and up to 20-25 minutes for a more extensive condition.

When will I see results of my spider vein treatment?

Immediately. You will see continuous improvement over several weeks as the treatment vessels are reabsorbed.

How many treatments are needed?

Generally only one treatment is necessary. However, depending on the specific condition, a follow-up treatment may be necessary.

Will the spider veins come back?

Veins that have been properly treated should not return. However, new veins may develop over time and require treatment. Follow-up visits are recommend for touch ups.

Does the spider vein treatment hurt?

Since the procedure uses a hair-thin probe inserted which is places just above (and sometimes into) the vessel, there can be a pinch. Patients report it feels similar to a hair being removed.

On what size vessels does VeinGogh work best?

It works on spider veins up to 0.3 mm. VeinGogh is not designed to treat feeder vessels or larger vessels deep beneath the surface.

Beacon Medical Group Vein Specialists provides non-surgical treatments for spider and varicose veins that are safe, virtually painless and will have you back to your normal, daily activities sooner than you think.

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