Trauma Team

Elkhart General Hospital and Memorial Hospital are proud to partner with EMS, emergency medicine, surgery, lab, ICU, radiology, anesthesia, respiratory, nursing, rehab, and other ancillary personnel to provide excellent trauma care to our patients.

Below are some of the key providers involved in your care. The whole team works together to help you recover from a traumatic event. If you have any questions or concerns during or after your hospital stay, please contact LeAnne Young MSN, RN, TCRN, Trauma Program Manager – Memorial Hospital 574.647.5335.

Nurses Nurses complete specialized training continuing trauma education so they are prepared to provide the most up-to-date trauma care for you. They work with you and the multi-disciplinary team to coordinate your plan of care and ensure readiness for discharge.

Patient Care Assistants  Patient care assistants assist the nurse, physicians, and therapists in coordinating and providing your daily care.

Respiratory Therapists  Respiratory therapists work with you to provide ventilator care, breathing treatments, and to assist in educating you on breathing exercises.

Physical and Occupational Therapists  Physical and occupational therapists work with you to build strength, improve mobility, educate, and provide mobility equipment training with the goal of improving your independence in daily activities.

Dieticians  Dieticians work with the trauma team to maximize your nutritional status to promote healing.

Social Workers  Social workers assist you with discharge planning and home equipment needs.

Trauma Surgeon  Trauma surgeons coordinate and manage your care. They ensure proper consults, medications, and tests are ordered, coordinate discharge planning, and make sure necessary follow-up is ordered for you prior to discharge.

Trauma Registrars Trauma registrars are an essential component of any trauma program as they are responsible for the collection, entry, maintenance, and reporting of data as required by various regulatory agencies. The trauma registry is what drives an efficient and effective trauma quality improvement program.