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Child Life Donations

Your donations help us stock our playroom as well as our prize closet. These items allow us to provide patients with something special during their hospital stay, whether it is a toy or item for them to borrow and play with while they’re here or to keep and take home with them.

Some of the most profound moments in the life of a child and his or her family happen during a hospital stay. A child looks to us for understanding, for a sense of normalcy and for security. Families look to us for encouragement, compassion and hope for a healthy future for their child. Your gift of resources helps us provide the best medical, spiritual, and emotional care possible for when families need it most!

Below you will find our Amazon Wish List. By creating this Wish List, we are hoping to gain more resources by easily being able to share it through social media and making it easier for the donor to donate with just a click of a button!


Two very specific items are needed, but we are unable to get them on Amazon. They are listed below:

Please contact the Child Life Department for any donation inquiries at 574.647.6337.