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Cancer Diagnosis and Treatments


Cancer screenings are tests that are performed when you’re not experiencing symptoms. They’re an effective way to catch cancer in its earliest stages. Not all cancers have screening tests, and some are only recommended if you’re at high risk for a certain type of cancer. Learn more about cancer screenings.


Cancers are alike in many ways, but in other ways, like how they grow and respond to treatment, they can be very different from one another.


Chemotherapy is a way to treat cancer using drugs that destroy cancer cells and keep them from growing and spreading. The drugs can be given in several different ways. Most commonly, chemotherapy is given through pills or is injected directly into your vein (infusion therapy). Learn more about chemotherapy.

Clinical Trials

Cancer clinical trials are research studies for developing better ways of detecting, treating, and eventually preventing cancer. There are also clinical trials for managing the symptoms of cancer and cancer treatments. By taking part in a clinical trial you are among the first to receive new research treatments before they are widely available. Learn more about clinical trials