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Ambulatory Infusion

Ambulatory infusion

Beacon Health System’s ambulatory infusion centers provide care for a variety of health conditions. This specialized care is available on an outpatient basis so patients don’t have to stay in the hospital for treatment. If you need infusion therapy, your doctor will make a referral to one of our centers on your behalf.

About Infusion Therapy

Some medicines and treatments are given by infusion. During an infusion, specially trained clinicians give medicine through a patient’s vein using an IV drip. Patients with chronic conditions who need to receive frequent infusions may have a physician-placed central line catheter for their infusions.

Chemotherapy for cancer treatment is one example of infusion therapy. There are many other reasons, however, that patients may need infusion treatments. Doctors may refer patients to an ambulatory infusion center for hydration, antibiotics, central line care, blood products and many other reasons.

Our comfortable and convenient ambulatory infusion centers feature reclining chairs, televisions, drinks and snacks for our patients.